Boston media outlets report today that former U-M defenseman Steve Kampfer is not expected to miss any time with the Bruins, despite suffering a broken nose the other day (see video in post below).  Kampfer is now sporting a full face shield like he wore at Michigan until his injury heals.

Side note: Kampfer has four goals in 18 games with the Bruins.  It took him 83 games to accomplish the same feat with the Wolverines.  I think he was holding back on us.

In other Kampfer news, HockeyJournal.com has a really cool article about how the Boston Bruins started scouting Kampfer while he was in college and eventually convinced their brass to trade for him at the trade deadline.  Kampfer was originally drafted by Anaheim.

Former U-M defensmen Jack Johnson wrote a piece for the L.A. Kings website on his journey through hockey.  He talks about getting started in hockey, playing travel hockey as a kid, going to Shattuck’s St. Mary’s prep school, wanting to go the college route, going to Michigan, declining the NHL, and finding out he got traded by Carolina to Los Angeles.

When I did get to Michigan I was determined to simply enjoy every minute of college.  I wanted to win four national championships when I first got to Michigan, that was the goal and those were the expectations.  I think the reason I left school, I think hockey-wise, athletically it was the right decision but emotionally it was really hard to leave.

ESPN Los Angeles’s Dan Arritt talks about how JMFJ signed a new 7-year, $30.5 million contract with the Kings last week but won’t be looking for a new home in the L.A. area any time soon, instead opting to return to Michigan every off season to be with family, friends, and finishing his Michigan degree.