The University of Michigan held their annual Mock Rock performance last night and the Michigan hockey team used The Price Is Right to spoof Coach Berenson, Coach Hutchins, zing the crap out of Tate Forcier, and Denard Robinson. The item they were bidding on was a Terrelle Pryor Big Ten championship ring. They definitely took a few pointed jabs at the football team. Though I enjoyed it and I know it was all in good fun, I can certainly understand why some felt uneasy watching it (and I don’t mean for the guys in the bikinis!).

After the show Michigan goalie Shawn Hunwick tweeted, “Hockey had a great showing at Mock Rock, and don’t be mad its all in fun football. We don’t have any d either.”

Why do I get the feeling the hockey team’s mock rock performance is going to end up on’s Hall of Shame?

  • bluetell

    unfortunately for the football team, we actually do we really sweet D

  • bluetell

    do have* really sweet D