Well, I liked the ending. I can’t say I liked the start. The first shift they score. The second shift they score a goal, and we ended up turning the puck over two more times—two breakaways—and they had all the momentum in the game.  We got back into the game and stayed with it, but their team—I mean the second period, if you look at the shot chart it was a one sided game.  We really didn’t do a lot to answer them offensively, but we got the goals we needed at the end.  It was a great finish.  A little bit of luck.   Nice to see the power play capitalize.  Nice to see us get a power play.  And good for our team.  They hung in there.  Hunwick made a huge save late in the game—like a goal mouth, cold turkey shot—and he made that save.  I know you’re going to ask me about him.  He didn’t get off to a great start, but he settled in and had a strong finish.

On Carl Hagelin scoring the last two goals on Senior Night including the game winner… As good as it gets.  And at home.  I mean, our crowd is so good.  Our players will never get to play in front of crowds like this.  Their enthusiasm and all the little things that are going on, and it probably doesn’t get any better than this.

On if Carl was playing with a different energy tonight… He plays with energy every day, but it seemed like he was trying to do something special and we knew what that was and obviously he did it.  Maybe we have to play the Swedish national anthem every game.

On what Berenson said to Carl when he gave him a hug after the game… Well, I just told him “Aren’t you glad you came to Michigan?  And aren’t we glad that you came?”  And good for him.  He set a standard here.  He’s been a terrific kid, student, player, teammate—you know, just a terrific kid.  It’s the first Swedish player we’ve had and we’ll always remember him.

On if Hagelin said anything to the team late in the game… I don’t think so.  I just think they had that look in their eye.  They had to do it.  They wanted to do it.  And they were tired, but you could just seem them pushing through it.  With the goalie out, for example, that puck was coming out of the zone and you could see Louie and Carl just out-muscling and reaching and then the puck goes in.  I think it hit their defenseman’s leg and took a bounce in the net and we had a chance.  But we won the game in overtime.  Was it a good penalty?  I don’t know.  I think when you take a guy out like that who has not touched the puck, it’s a penalty anytime.

On if he felt the momentum had swung in overtime… Well, there’s always doubt in your mind.  You play to win in overtime—we do.  But I was thinking about (Western Michigan).  They had nine ties this year.  We’ve had one.  Nine times they’ve been going through this and played overtime, so they’re more in to the overtime mode than we are.  But we were playing to win.  We played three lines.  We went for it and we got lucky.

On if he liked the way Hunwick regrouped after the first period… Yeah, no question.  I was worried about him, the way the game was going.  And not that it was just him, but the chances—you can’t give up those breakaways.  I’m sure he’ll admit he didn’t feel himself until halfway through the game.

On if he thought about pulling Hunwick for Hogan… If things got worse.  If Hunwick kept fighting the puck, that’s the time to get a goalie out—if he’s really fighting the puck.  But we gave him a chance and he settled in good.

On if Hunwick getting run in to a few times early rattled him… I don’t think so.  You can ask him what, if anything, rattled him.  Sometimes you just don’t feel right in a game and sometimes you do.  Lets face it, the first shot of the game they scored.  It was a good tip in, but still that’s got to rattle a goalie.

On if Kevin Lynch was playing any differently this weekend… I just think playing with a little more grit.  Sometimes when you play more physical good things happen.  When he quits hitting he’ll probably quit scoring.

On the shorthanded goal… Huge.  The shorthanded goal was huge.  That brought us back in.  What was the score , 3-1 then?  And when we scored that goal that made it 3-2.  We’re back in the game.  A great play by Lynch.  We’ve had those go against us, as you saw, so it was good to get that one back and then the power play kicks in.

So I can’t say we played our best game, but it might have been the best game of the year.  To win at home, the way it was.

Caporusso sits down and looks at the stat sheet… Where’s Matt (Trevor)? I wasn’t dash one (minus one rating). I was even.

Hagelin on what this night will mean to him in the future… I think a lot of guys are going to look back at their senior night and our class probably had one of the most intense senior night games. All the other (senior night) games we’ve played the past few years we won 4-1, 4-2. Today we really had to battle back and show some character. We didn’t play the way we wanted to, obviously. Maybe the first period might have been our best even though they scored three goals. After that, in the second period they dominated. We got that goal, then in the third they were up and then we got a lucky goal at the end.

Hagelin on if it was hard to believe the game-tying goal went in… Yeah. Usually they’re pretty good about blocking shots and this time he got a piece of it—the defenseman—that actually helped me out.  Went through the goalie’s legs, and then I heard Louie yell in my ear and that’s when I realized it was in.

Louie on what he yelled… I don’t remember.  It was probably something.  I was probably yelling for the puck.  And then he let one go and it found the back of the net and it’s a huge goal.  Sometimes you look at senior night—since I’ve been here we’ve pretty much dominated the game.  It’s kind of been not a close game since I’ve been here.  I’m almost prefer it this way.  Obviously we want to play better than the way we did tonight, but I think this is one to remember.

Hagelin on if his strategy in overtime was to go off the post and in… Yeah, always.  I didn’t know how much time was left, but I knew when we got out there it was only 30 seconds left.  We had the puck in their zone for probably 10-15 seconds.  When the puck came out Moffie made a great play to me.  I just felt I had to take the shot and I was lucky it went in.

Caporusso on what was said between regulation and overtime… Nothing much.  Everyone just getting their wind.  Just refocusing.  Not much is said.  Nothing’s really said.

Hagelin on what he’s going to do with the autographed Swedish flag from the students… Probably going to bring it back home.  Obviously first I’m going to read all the notes that are on there and all the signatures.  (The students) have been great support for me.  It’s always great on the ice to see that flag, and the fact I get to keep it is pretty emotional.  It’s going to be sad to leave this place, but at least we have two games left here in the playoffs, so I’m excited to get back here.

Hagelin on getting to hear the Swedish national anthem… It was pretty emotional.  We started out with mine and I just saw the Swedish flag up there.  Tried to just focus on the game but at the same time it was a great, great feeling before the game to hear your Swedish anthem.

Caporusso on where this game ranks… It’s definitely right up there.  I think the crowd was just loud.  To see my best friend pop two in was pretty cool.  Definitely ranks up there with the best games I’ve had at the University of Michigan.  Not the way I played.  I don’t think I played well at all.  But the way it ends up I think it was good.

Caporusso on the momentum this weekend carries… A lot.  When you win when you’re not suppose to win, I think that’s a sign.  That’s a sign that maybe this is the year for Michigan hockey.  That’s how it is.  Sometimes last year we couldn’t get a win, you know, it was tough.  Every game we’d get bad calls, bad bounces.  Sometimes it works out for you and hopefully this is the year.

Hagelin on if they pay attention to what Notre Dame is doing… After the game we’ll see their results, but we can’t affect anything they’re doing.  We obviously need six points here in two games to have a chance, then they obviously need to lose a few points.  Talked to the Western coach after the game and he said they’re going to get a win next weekend (against Notre Dame).

Hagelin on going from facing Western Michigan to rooting for them next weekend… That’s just how it is.  Any time you play someone you want to win, then if they can help you out, hopefully they will.

Hagelin on how quickly the last four years have gone… Really quick.  Especially the last year.  That’s what everyone’s been saying.  You don’t really believe them.  Freshman year was kind of long, especially for me to adjust to U.S. culture.  Then sophomore year started picking it up.  Then last year was quick, and this year’s even quicker.  I can’t believe we’re almost done.

Caporusso on skating around during the ceremony after the game… It was unreal.  I love playing at Yost.  This is going to be probably the best place I’ll ever play in my life, and it was very emotional.  Wish it lasted long.  I wish I could play here another four years.  It’d be cool.

Hagelin on the seniors deciding to do push ups at center ice… Usually on Tuesdays during the week during practice we’d pick one guy to do push ups.  Now it just felt like that was a moment to do push ups.  I don’t even know how many we did.

Caporusso adds… We don’t want to be like everyone else, so we decided we’d do something different.

Hagelin on who’s idea it was… Everyone.

Caporusso jumps in… I think it was mine actually.  Yeah, everyone’s in for it, though.  It’s sweet.