I had a chance to talk with Honeybaked Midget Minor U16 coach Mike Hamilton this afternoon about Michigan’s newest commitment Tyler Motte and he had nothing but praise for his star player.

Hamilton’s scouting report on Motte: “He obviously can produce some points.  He’s second on our team right now in points.  He brings all aspects to the game.  He can score goals, he’s a great setup guy.  He’s on one of our power play units.  He’s one of our penalty killers.  He’s a guy we put out when we need a goal with a minute left.  He’s also a guy we can put out when we’re up a goal with a minute left.  He is a well rounded player.  He plays every situation of the game.  You have some guys who are power play specialists.  He can play every aspect of the game.”

On an area he needs to improve: “He’s needs to continue develop seeing the ice a little better, and that’s not bad, but that’s an area that he has to improve a little bit—just seeing things a little bit better.  But he’s a goal scorer, so he’s usually immediately going for the net.”

On Motte’s character: “He was voted captain by the boys and basically that’s a result of not only his hard work on the ice but off the ice.  He’s just a pure leader.  There’s not much bad I can talk about Tyler.”

“He’s a just a great, great, great kid.  Actually, I have a son that’s on the team this year (defenseman Trevor Hamilton) and when Tyler was making his decision between Miami and Michigan, my son’s going to Miami and I wanted nothing more than Tyler to go to Miami because that would have meant my son got to spend four years with him, he’s that good of a kid.  If you get to pick people you want to hang out with your son, he’s definitely one of them.”

On why he chose Michigan: “I think with most kids locally, Michigan is somewhere—they’ve been raised on Michigan.  It’s what they’ve always wanted to do.  I think at the end of the day, like he said, Michigan was just a better fit for him, he thought, and being closer to home was definitely was something that was important to him as well.”

On Motte’s plans for next season: “He was invited to the tryout camp for USA, which is in March.  He would love to make that program, and if he doesn’t, I would think that he’ll make a USHL team if it doesn’t work out for him at USA.”