As I said yesterday, there was a rumor floating around the internet that Michigan and Ohio State could play an outdoor hockey game next season hosted by the Buckeyes.  Stephen Nesbitt of the Michigan Daily tweeted last night that he’s hearing the game will be played at Progressive Field in Cleveland on January 15, 2012.  Progressive Field is home of the Cleveland Indians baseball team.

It will be interesting to see what the crowd for this event is if it does happen. Ohio State hockey doesn’t have the biggest draw—games against Michigan and Miami drew about 5,500 fans, Notre Dame about 5,000, Michigan State 4,000 when they all played in Columbus this past season, while a team like Alaska only brought out 1,600 fans. So doing an outdoor game two hours northeast of their home base in the middle of January?  They are going to have to really push hard to market this one.

I think Michigan fans might be getting a little burnt out with outdoor games, too, having now been involved in three of them including last year’s magnificent Big Chill at the Big House.  Or that’s the general feeling I’m getting with this rumor.  The event at Michigan Stadium was special and set the bar extremely high and I don’t know if Michigan fans are going to show up at another outdoor game simply because it’s being played outdoor.

Tell me what you think?  Do you plan on attending the outdoor game against Ohio State in Cleveland if there is one?

  • JonSobel

    50/50 at this point. I live in Columbus, so the drive won’t be terrible, but Cleveland in January doesn’t exactly spark thoughts of “great times” and it won’t be able to live up to the Big Chill last season. I think I’ll wait and decide a little closer to game day.