On defensive turnovers making it a close game… (NMU) played hard checking hockey and I thought we were careless with the puck. And they forced turnovers, and it was a weekend of turnovers. Both goalies made some big saves. I think both teams were lucky, at times. We were lucky they didn’t score more and they were lucky we didn’t.

On the defensive pairings today… I don’t think it was the defensive pairings. I know we had two new defensive pairings tonight, but I don’t think that had anything to do with it. It was our forwards as much as our (defense).

If he senses on Senior Night the seniors play their best… I know they’re dialed in every night, but this has to be a special night, and especially when things weren’t going well. Is it a coincidence that Luke Glendening get a goal and an assist tonight? You know, on Senior Night. I don’t think so. I don’t think it was a coincidence Carl Hagelin saved the night last year. So it’s a special night for those players, and they’re the only ones who know what it feels like. The other players—they don’t get it yet.

But it was a big win for Michigan. It was a great play by Luke Glendening to A.J. to score the winning goal. In the mean time it was a hard fought game. Northern played a strong-willed game and they came from behind. We took that lead with that power play goal, I thought that was a huge goal, and then they got that back. There wasn’t much to choose between the teams. 

On A.J.’s goal in overtime… You know he’s done that a couple of times now. We saw that at Michigan State. He’s just getting a ton of confidence right now. Getting him to shoot the puck before was like pulling teeth. Now… we always wanted him to shoot it, but is it ever nice to see them find the back of the net.

On the small senior class… We lost at least two players who left early in this class.

On cutting down penalties… I think it was really important. I don’t know that we could have killed six penalties again tonight. I thought we did a good job on the penalty kill. Our team played under control, we played better, and I thought the officials…they had a good feel for the game.

On Greg Pateryn’s game tonight… He’s our most physical player every game. Game in, game out he plays like a man. I can’t tell you how much those players have developed and improved and matured since they came as freshmen. Like it’s night and day. And that’s what college sports and college in general is suppose to do for you. But definitely a sport. And you can see it in their performance and their behavior, their mannerisms, their leadership, their interaction with everyone, their presence. These guys are as good as it gets.

On their slim chance of winning the CCHA regular season title… It depends on what other teams do, but all we can do is win our games and that’s what we’re trying to do. As long as we win our games we’ll be in a good position.

On Luke Glendening’s night… When he came here we didn’t know how much he would play or if he would play at all and he just turned himself into a player within weeks. He practiced his way into the lineup and he stayed in the lineup and he’s been rock solid and he gets better every year. You talk about a character kid and a work ethic and a no nonsense, great student athlete. That’s the kind of kid you want at Michigan. Obviously he’s on a scholarship now, but it wasn’t an issue about money. He just wanted to come to a good program and good school.

On when Berenson knew Glendening earned a regular spot… I would say after a few weeks of practice. He impressed us every day. He just did it. He did what we were asking our team to do. Beyond that, he’s blossomed into the team leader and the captain. He is the captain of this team and voted by his teammates.

(While waiting for the players Red came back out and mentioned the players were doing a dance and called it “a Swedish shuffle or something.”

Glendening on the dance
…  After a sweep we decide whether a dance we’d like to do in the locker room.

On when it started… Last year. Get all the doors closed. It’s a good time.

Pateryn adds… We try to keep most people out, but obviously someone gets in there.

Does Red join?… No, no…

Glendening on his Senior Night performance… It’s just really good for the team.  I’m glad I can help in any way I can, but I’m just really glad the team won. It’s kind of weird to think this could be my last game here, but I’m just real happy the team did well tonight and pulled out the victory.

Pateryn on the Senior Night ceremony… It’s kind of bittersweet. You think about all the good memories that you had here, but then you realize you’re going to miss this place and miss everything that has to go with it. All the teammates you’ve had, coaching staff, the atmosphere. But you also get to move on to hopefully bigger and better things in life.

Glendening on pulling out two close victories… I think yesterday we were fortunate. A lot of things, I don’t really think we played our game. Coach talked a lot about will and I don’t think we had a lot of that in our game yesterday. I thought today was a lot different. I thought we played hard. We let in two goals that were unfortunate. But I thought we played with a passion that we didn’t have yesterday and I think that was a big difference today.

Glendening on if he thought A.J. was going to finish off his pass… It’s pretty fitting. The way he’s been playing has been unbelievable. He has 15 goals now. He’s tied Guptill, I think, on top of that. But he’s just been playing well offensively, but he’s also been playing real well defensively. I think he was +2 maybe tonight and that’s huge for this game.

Glendening on anticipating the back pass off the boards on winning goal… He just didn’t have anywhere else to go. He would have had to go cross ice and most (defensemen) don’t like to do that, especially in overtime. I just got lucky, I guess.

Pateryn on if they play with a surge of energy on a night like this… I think guys had their hands down a lot more tonight and they were defensively giving them really good passes. I saw my opportunities and I try to step up. I have a few big hits that kind of gets everyone going as well. That’s kind of what I was trying to do.

Glendening on what it is about Senior Night and overtimes… I don’t know. We’ve been fortunate both times, I’ll tell you that. It’d be nice if we could have just won in regulation, but hopefully next year they’ll figure that out.

Pateryn on what it’s like to have a night like this (said at practice he wanted a less nerve wracking Senior Night this year)… It’s really special, and right when Luke had that puck and I saw A.J. wide open and I knew Luke was going to pass it for some reason and A.J., the way he’s been putting the puck in the net, I was a little premature on my celebration. My gloves weren’t off. I was putting my hands up in the air a little bit and thankfully he put it in.

Pateryn on the defensive turnovers… That’s just work ethic. Just winning battles on the puck, having support down low. I think there’s time we did it really well and times we struggled maybe at the end of a shift or something. I think it’s something you got to find within. I think guys worked hard tonight, but it’s something we got to bring up tonight.

Pateryn on what they did to cut down penalties… I think just playing harder. Playing the man, not trying to hit the puck and trip guys or what not. But I think we did a good job today.