Great catch by user alnike. Check out the highlights of last night’s Michigan-Ferris State hockey game. In the closing moments of overtime the Bulldogs got a clean breakaway. How’d they do it? By skating SEVEN players.

Pause the video at exactly 1:31. You’ll see FSU coming out of their zone and can clearly count six players on the screen. Then they pass it way ahead to the seventh man for the breakaway. An obvious too many men on the ice penalty that went unnoticed by the officials.

But wait, there’s more!  Notice at the 1:40 mark there’s six FSU players in the Michigan zone, the puck is then cleared to center and as Andrew Sinelli races for it at the FSU blue line a seventh FSU player races him to it. So it appears the Bulldogs played at least the last 25 seconds of the game with seven skaters.  Unreal.  And had FSU scored it would have cost Michigan the game and home ice next week. Thank Racine it didn’t!


  • Geoffrey Chiles

    Wow.  I didn’t see it up in the press box, and it didn’t appear that anyone else caught it, either.  Great video sleuthing.

  • Reason

    Unbelievable! For further evidence, pause at 1:20 shows 3 FSU players in the UM zone. Pause again at 1:21 shows 4 more between the blue lines. I was at the game, but didn’t notice (heck, I didn’t even know they pulled the goalie until after the breakaway). Good catch! Hopefully the BIG refs will be more competent next year.